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Recognise the Japanese cultural main symbols
Be familiar with the target vocabulary words of the lesson

פתיחה (5 דק')

Beginning of the lesson (3 minutes): Greeting – “good morning class, how are you today ?“, date on the board, “what’s the weather today?”.

Introduction to the lesson (4 minutes):

Show the presentation to the class and ask what is the connection between the items you see in the pictures? They are all from Japan. I’ll continue by saying: “Today we are going to learn about Japan! Have you been there before?” (in a Japanese-like funny voice).  If someone has been there before, let him speak about his visit for a minute. “What else do you know about Japan?”.

“Japan is far away from here and has a very interesting and beautiful culture”.

גוף (40 דקות)

Read the poster “ Welcome to Japan” (5 minutes): With the class. First reading: I’ll be reading the poster. While reading the text I’ll use HOTS: I’ll use compare and contrast between Israel and Japan for 2-3 sentences. We can use the pictures on the poster in order to help understand the text.

Second reading (10 minutes): Each student will randomly be chosen to read one line of the text. I’ll ask questions about the lines: (fast paced)

  • Relate: what do you think about Sumo as a sport?
  • What is a kimono? – it is a Japanese traditional dress.
  • What are all of the things, places and food we have been discussing about now? – they are all Japanese cultural symbols.

Production Activity :(Post Reading Activity 2 Options (15 minutes)

Draw a short comic or a sunburst that shows at least 3 things you learned about Japan.

*Check their notebooks after class.

Assessment: (written on the board – 10 minutes)

The language in Japan is – (Japanese )

In Japan you buy things with – (Yen)

Japan has many small – (islands)

Many people in Japan like to eat- (Sushi)

A very big city in Japan is – (Tokyo)

In Japan there are many high – (mountains and volcanoes).

סיכום (5 דק')

Check the answers in the class

קבצים וחומרי עזר


התוכן רלוונטי לחומר הנלמד
המשאבים טובים ועדכניים
השיעור משלב כלים דיגיטלים
דירוג כולל לשיעור זה הממוצע הגדול


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