Debbie Sher
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Pupils will be able to express their opinions using pros and cons.
Pupils will share their opinions regarding who is an appropriate leader.
Pupils will share their good qualities using the letters in their names.

פתיחה (15 דק')

Before viewing the video clip pupils will write down in their notebooks the following question:

Who would you choose as your leader Yaakov or Esau and why? Explain using 2 reasons from the clip.

Teacher will show clip from minute 5:27-17:00

גוף (20 דקות)


The teacher will explain about pros and cons(for and against) pro means I agree with something and Pros- are the benefits of that thing or person. Cons- are the negative things and why im against something or someone. For example: pro Zoom-because you can stay at home. Against Zoom-  I can’t meet my friends. Another example could be Instagram- pro-it’s great because I can upload great photos.Con- strangers can talk to me. After teacher will open a padlet on with Esau and Yakov’s names. pros and cons the pupils will upload their opinions.

The teacher will read the pupils opinions or if pupils want to share they can read their own.

will be divided into groups of 4 and will have to create a poster for the leader they chose using a logo sentence

סיכום (10 דק')

Pupils will open a “canva” and using the letters and order of their names they will write good qualities that they have and at least one quality that they would like to acheive or get better at in the future.pupils will share their canvas in class if they want or send their canvas to their teacher.

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